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gem5 Specifc RISC-V tests


This work provides assembly testing infrastructure including single-threaded and multi-threaded tests for RISC-V ISA in gem5. Each test targets an individual RISC-V instruction or a Linux system call. This work targets system call emulation (SE) mode in gem5.

This work is based on the riscv-tests project.

Link to the orignal riscv-tests projects can be found here:

Link to the original riscv-tests project's LICENSE and README can be found here:

Specific commit ID that this work is based off: 68cad7baf3ed0a4553fffd14726d24519ee1296a

Changes from the orignal riscv-tests project

  1. Only rv64 tests are imported into this work

The original project offers both rv64 and rv32 tests. Since the current implementation of RISC-V in gem5 is focused on its 64-bit version, only 64-bit tests (rv64) are imported from the original project. Future work on 32-bit can easily integrate all 32-bit tests into gem5.

  1. New testing environment for gem5

Since the original riscv-tests project is designed for bare-metal system (i.e., without OS support), it offers several environments to control how a test interacts with a host machine (to-host communication). However, in gem5 SE mode, gem5 emulates an OS, and there is no host machine. Therefore, we developed a new testing environment called ps for gem5.

This testing environment uses system call exit to return test results as an exit code of a particular test instead of writing them to a host machine. This environment requires the testing platform to implement/emulate at least exit system call.

  1. Minimal threading library written in assembly (isa/macros/mt)

To simplify debugging multi-threading systems, we developed a minimal threading library that supports very basic threading functionality including creating a thread, exiting a thread, waiting for some thread(s) on a condition, and waking up some thread(s).

Multi-threaded tests can rely on this library to manage multiple threads.

  1. RISC-V AMO, LR, and SC instruction tests (isa/rv64uamt)

This is a set of assembly tests that target multi-core systems and test AMO instructions. This test set uses a minimal number of system calls (i.e., clone, mmap, munmap and exit) to create and manage threads. It does not use any complex sleep/wakeup mechanism to manage and synchronize threads to avoid adding extra unnecessary complexity. The major goal of this test set is to stress AMO instructions. Threads only synchronize at the end of their execution. The master thread does a spin-wait to wait for all threads to complete before it checks final results.

  1. Thread-related system call tests (isa/rv64samt)

This is a set of assembly tests that target thread-related system calls and thread wait/wakeup behaviors. This set reuses some of the tests in isa/rv64uamt but uses more advanced futex system call operations to make threads wait and wake up in certain cases. This test set also checks functional behaviors of threads after a wait/wakeup operation.

How to compile this test suite

  1. Install RISC-V GNU toolchain. Source code and instruction on how to install it can be found here:

  2. Run make

  3. Test binaries are in $GEM5/tests/test-progs/asmtest/bin/riscv/ ($GEM5 is your gem5 directory)

How to run all tests

  1. Run ./

  2. Test outputs are in ./test-summary.out