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  2. Make sure you've read the documentation. Your issue may be addressed there.
  3. If those resources didn't help and you only have a short question (not a bug report), consider asking in the Gitter chat room.
  4. If you have a genuine bug report or a more complex question which is not answered in the previous items (or not suitable for chat), please fill in the details below.
  5. Include a self-contained and minimal piece of code that reproduces the problem. If that's not possible, try to make the description as clear as possible.

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Issue description

(Provide a short description, state the expected behavior and what actually happens.)

Reproducible example code

(The code should be minimal, have no external dependencies, isolate the function(s) that cause breakage. Submit matched and complete C++ and Python snippets that can be easily compiled and run to diagnose the issue.)