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# Use condition code registers for the ARM architecture.
# Previously the integer register file was used for these registers.
def upgrader(cpt):
if cpt.get('root','isa') == 'arm':
for sec in cpt.sections():
import re
re_cpu_match = re.match('^(.*sys.*\.cpu[^.]*)\.xc\.(.+)$', sec)
# Search for all the execution contexts
if not re_cpu_match:
items = []
for (item,value) in cpt.items(sec):
if 'ccRegs' not in items:
intRegs = cpt.get(sec, 'intRegs').split()
# Move those 5 integer registers to the ccRegs register file
ccRegs = intRegs[38:43]
del intRegs[38:43]
ccRegs.append('0') # CCREG_ZERO
cpt.set(sec, 'intRegs', ' '.join(intRegs))
cpt.set(sec, 'ccRegs', ' '.join(ccRegs))
legacy_version = 13