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from __future__ import print_function, division
import os
import sys
# Internal build script for generating debugging test .so size.
# Usage:
# python save.txt -- displays the size of and, if save.txt exists, compares it to the
# size in it, then overwrites save.txt with the new size for future runs.
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
sys.exit("Invalid arguments: usage: python save.txt")
lib = sys.argv[1]
save = sys.argv[2]
if not os.path.exists(lib):
sys.exit("Error: requested file ({}) does not exist".format(lib))
libsize = os.path.getsize(lib)
print("------", os.path.basename(lib), "file size:", libsize, end='')
if os.path.exists(save):
with open(save) as sf:
oldsize = int(sf.readline())
if oldsize > 0:
change = libsize - oldsize
if change == 0:
print(" (no change)")
print(" (change of {:+} bytes = {:+.2%})".format(change, change / oldsize))
with open(save, 'w') as sf: