This repository is a redistribution of the Accellera SystemC 2.3.1 library [1]. This distribution replaces Accellera's Autoconf build system with a SCons build system, which is very useful for integration of SystemC in other SCons based projects, e.g., gem5 [2].

The repository contains all the source files from the Accellera distribution, but strips down the boost dependencies. All references to the boost library are replaced by calls to the C++11 STL. This repository also contains the TLM 2.0 protocl checker from Doulos [3].


To build libsystemc-2.3.1.so, simply type scons. Optionally you can specify the number of jobs.

scons -j N

To build and link to SystemC from another SCons project, simply call the SConscript located in src/. Be sure to add -std=c++11 to the CXXFLAGS of your environment and to export the environment as 'env'. In case you build on OS X, you will need to add -undefined dynamic lookup to your LINKFLAGS. This is how a minimal SConstruct for your SystemC project could look:

env = Environment()

if env['PLATFORM'] == 'darwin':
    env.Append(LINKFLAGS=['-undefined', 'dynamic_lookup'])

systemc = env.SConscript('<path_to_systemc>/src/SConscript', exports=['env'])
env.Program('example', ['example.cc', systemc])