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* Copyright (C) 2012 Texas Instruments Incorporated -
* Modified from mach-omap/omap2/board-generic.c
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/of_irq.h>
#include <linux/of_platform.h>
#include <linux/irqdomain.h>
#include <asm/mach/arch.h>
#include <mach/common.h>
#include <mach/cp_intc.h>
#include <mach/da8xx.h>
#define DA8XX_NUM_UARTS 3
static struct of_device_id da8xx_irq_match[] __initdata = {
{ .compatible = "ti,cp-intc", .data = cp_intc_of_init, },
{ }
static void __init da8xx_init_irq(void)
static struct of_dev_auxdata da850_auxdata_lookup[] __initdata = {
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,davinci-i2c", 0x01c22000, "i2c_davinci.1", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,davinci-wdt", 0x01c21000, "davinci-wdt", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da830-mmc", 0x01c40000, "da830-mmc.0", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da850-ehrpwm", 0x01f00000, "ehrpwm", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da850-ehrpwm", 0x01f02000, "ehrpwm", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da850-ecap", 0x01f06000, "ecap", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da850-ecap", 0x01f07000, "ecap", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da850-ecap", 0x01f08000, "ecap", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,da830-spi", 0x01f0e000, "spi_davinci.1", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ns16550a", 0x01c42000, "serial8250.0", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ns16550a", 0x01d0c000, "serial8250.1", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ns16550a", 0x01d0d000, "serial8250.2", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,davinci_mdio", 0x01e24000, "davinci_mdio.0", NULL),
OF_DEV_AUXDATA("ti,davinci-dm6467-emac", 0x01e20000, "davinci_emac.1",
static void __init da850_init_machine(void)
of_platform_populate(NULL, of_default_bus_match_table,
da850_auxdata_lookup, NULL);
static const char *da850_boards_compat[] __initdata = {
DT_MACHINE_START(DA850_DT, "Generic DA850/OMAP-L138/AM18x")
.map_io = da850_init,
.init_irq = da8xx_init_irq,
.init_time = davinci_timer_init,
.init_machine = da850_init_machine,
.dt_compat = da850_boards_compat,
.init_late = davinci_init_late,
.restart = da8xx_restart,