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#ifndef __BUS_NUMA_H
#define __BUS_NUMA_H
* sub bus (transparent) will use entres from 3 to store extra from
* root, so need to make sure we have enough slot there.
struct pci_root_res {
struct list_head list;
struct resource res;
struct pci_root_info {
struct list_head list;
char name[12];
struct list_head resources;
struct resource busn;
int node;
int link;
extern struct list_head pci_root_infos;
struct pci_root_info *alloc_pci_root_info(int bus_min, int bus_max,
int node, int link);
extern void update_res(struct pci_root_info *info, resource_size_t start,
resource_size_t end, unsigned long flags, int merge);