Merge tag 'nfs-for-3.16-3' of git://

Pull NFS client fixes from Trond Myklebust:
 "Apologies for the relative lateness of this pull request, however the
  commits fix some issues with the NFS read/write code updates in
  3.16-rc1 that can cause serious Oopsing when using small r/wsize.  The
  delay was mainly due to extra testing to make sure that the fixes
  behave correctly.

  Highlights include;
   - Stable fix for an NFSv3 posix ACL regression
   - Multiple fixes for regressions to the NFS generic read/write code:
     - Fix page splitting bugs that come into play when a small
       rsize/wsize read/write needs to be sent again (due to error
       conditions or page redirty)
     - Fix nfs_wb_page_cancel, which is called by the "invalidatepage"
   - Fix 2 compile warnings about unused variables
   - Fix a performance issue affecting unstable writes"

* tag 'nfs-for-3.16-3' of git://
  NFS: Don't reset pg_moreio in __nfs_pageio_add_request
  NFS: Remove 2 unused variables
  nfs: handle multiple reqs in nfs_wb_page_cancel
  nfs: handle multiple reqs in nfs_page_async_flush
  nfs: change find_request to find_head_request
  nfs: nfs_page should take a ref on the head req
  nfs: mark nfs_page reqs with flag for extra ref
  nfs: only show Posix ACLs in listxattr if actually present