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#include <asm/ioctls.h>
#include <asm/termbits.h>
struct sgttyb {
char sg_ispeed;
char sg_ospeed;
char sg_erase;
char sg_kill;
short sg_flags;
struct tchars {
char t_intrc;
char t_quitc;
char t_startc;
char t_stopc;
char t_eofc;
char t_brkc;
struct ltchars {
char t_suspc;
char t_dsuspc;
char t_rprntc;
char t_flushc;
char t_werasc;
char t_lnextc;
struct winsize {
unsigned short ws_row;
unsigned short ws_col;
unsigned short ws_xpixel;
unsigned short ws_ypixel;
#define NCC 8
struct termio {
unsigned short c_iflag; /* input mode flags */
unsigned short c_oflag; /* output mode flags */
unsigned short c_cflag; /* control mode flags */
unsigned short c_lflag; /* local mode flags */
unsigned char c_line; /* line discipline */
unsigned char c_cc[NCC]; /* control characters */
* c_cc characters in the termio structure. Oh, how I love being
* backwardly compatible. Notice that character 4 and 5 are
* interpreted differently depending on whether ICANON is set in
* c_lflag. If it's set, they are used as _VEOF and _VEOL, otherwise
* as _VMIN and V_TIME. This is for compatibility with OSF/1 (which
* is compatible with sysV)...
#define _VINTR 0
#define _VQUIT 1
#define _VERASE 2
#define _VKILL 3
#define _VEOF 4
#define _VMIN 4
#define _VEOL 5
#define _VTIME 5
#define _VEOL2 6
#define _VSWTC 7
#endif /* _UAPI_ALPHA_TERMIOS_H */