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* Copyright (C) 2007-2009 ST-Ericsson AB
* License terms: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
* AB3100 core access functions
* Author: Linus Walleij <>
#include <linux/regulator/machine.h>
struct device;
#ifndef MFD_AB3100_H
#define MFD_AB3100_H
#define AB3100_P1A 0xc0
#define AB3100_P1B 0xc1
#define AB3100_P1C 0xc2
#define AB3100_P1D 0xc3
#define AB3100_P1E 0xc4
#define AB3100_P1F 0xc5
#define AB3100_P1G 0xc6
#define AB3100_R2A 0xc7
#define AB3100_R2B 0xc8
* AB3100, EVENTA1, A2 and A3 event register flags
* these are catenated into a single 32-bit flag in the code
* for event notification broadcasts.
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_ONSWA (0x01<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_ONSWB (0x02<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_ONSWC (0x04<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_DCIO (0x08<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_OVER_TEMP (0x10<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_SIM_OFF (0x20<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_VBUS (0x40<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA1_VSET_USB (0x80<<16)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_READY_TX (0x01<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_READY_RX (0x02<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_OVERRUN_ERROR (0x04<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_FRAMING_ERROR (0x08<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_CHARG_OVERCURRENT (0x10<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_MIDR (0x20<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_BATTERY_REM (0x40<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA2_ALARM (0x80<<8)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG5 (0x01)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG4 (0x02)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG3 (0x04)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG2 (0x08)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIGVBAT (0x10)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIGVTX (0x20)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG1 (0x40)
#define AB3100_EVENTA3_ADC_TRIG0 (0x80)
/* AB3100, STR register flags */
#define AB3100_STR_ONSWA (0x01)
#define AB3100_STR_ONSWB (0x02)
#define AB3100_STR_ONSWC (0x04)
#define AB3100_STR_DCIO (0x08)
#define AB3100_STR_BOOT_MODE (0x10)
#define AB3100_STR_SIM_OFF (0x20)
#define AB3100_STR_BATT_REMOVAL (0x40)
#define AB3100_STR_VBUS (0x80)
* AB3100 contains 8 regulators, one external regulator controller
* and a buck converter, further the LDO E and buck converter can
* have separate settings if they are in sleep mode, this is
* modeled as a separate regulator.
#define AB3100_NUM_REGULATORS 10
* struct ab3100
* @access_mutex: lock out concurrent accesses to the AB3100 registers
* @dev: pointer to the containing device
* @i2c_client: I2C client for this chip
* @testreg_client: secondary client for test registers
* @chip_name: name of this chip variant
* @chip_id: 8 bit chip ID for this chip variant
* @event_subscribers: event subscribers are listed here
* @startup_events: a copy of the first reading of the event registers
* @startup_events_read: whether the first events have been read
* This struct is PRIVATE and devices using it should NOT
* access ANY fields. It is used as a token for calling the
* AB3100 functions.
struct ab3100 {
struct mutex access_mutex;
struct device *dev;
struct i2c_client *i2c_client;
struct i2c_client *testreg_client;
char chip_name[32];
u8 chip_id;
struct blocking_notifier_head event_subscribers;
u8 startup_events[3];
bool startup_events_read;
* struct ab3100_platform_data
* Data supplied to initialize board connections to the AB3100
* @reg_constraints: regulator constraints for target board
* the order of these constraints are: LDO A, C, D, E,
* F, G, H, K, EXT and BUCK.
* @reg_initvals: initial values for the regulator registers
* plus two sleep settings for LDO E and the BUCK converter.
* exactly AB3100_NUM_REGULATORS+2 values must be sent in.
* Order: LDO A, C, E, E sleep, F, G, H, K, EXT, BUCK,
* BUCK sleep, LDO D. (LDO D need to be initialized last.)
* @external_voltage: voltage level of the external regulator.
struct ab3100_platform_data {
struct regulator_init_data reg_constraints[AB3100_NUM_REGULATORS];
u8 reg_initvals[AB3100_NUM_REGULATORS+2];
int external_voltage;
int ab3100_event_register(struct ab3100 *ab3100,
struct notifier_block *nb);
int ab3100_event_unregister(struct ab3100 *ab3100,
struct notifier_block *nb);
#endif /* MFD_AB3100_H */