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* Intel Smart Sound Technology
* Copyright (C) 2013, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version
* 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/firmware.h>
#include "../skylake/skl-sst-dsp.h"
struct sst_mem_block;
struct sst_module;
struct sst_fw;
/* do we need to remove or keep */
#define DSP_DRAM_ADDR_OFFSET 0x400000
* DSP Operations exported by platform Audio DSP driver.
struct sst_ops {
/* DSP core boot / reset */
void (*boot)(struct sst_dsp *);
void (*reset)(struct sst_dsp *);
int (*wake)(struct sst_dsp *);
void (*sleep)(struct sst_dsp *);
void (*stall)(struct sst_dsp *);
/* Shim IO */
void (*write)(void __iomem *addr, u32 offset, u32 value);
u32 (*read)(void __iomem *addr, u32 offset);
void (*write64)(void __iomem *addr, u32 offset, u64 value);
u64 (*read64)(void __iomem *addr, u32 offset);
void (*ram_read)(struct sst_dsp *sst, void *dest, void __iomem *src,
size_t bytes);
void (*ram_write)(struct sst_dsp *sst, void __iomem *dest, void *src,
size_t bytes);
void (*dump)(struct sst_dsp *);
/* IRQ handlers */
irqreturn_t (*irq_handler)(int irq, void *context);
/* SST init and free */
int (*init)(struct sst_dsp *sst, struct sst_pdata *pdata);
void (*free)(struct sst_dsp *sst);
/* FW module parser/loader */
int (*parse_fw)(struct sst_fw *sst_fw);
* Audio DSP memory offsets and addresses.
struct sst_addr {
u32 lpe_base;
u32 shim_offset;
u32 iram_offset;
u32 dram_offset;
u32 dsp_iram_offset;
u32 dsp_dram_offset;
u32 sram0_base;
u32 sram1_base;
u32 w0_stat_sz;
u32 w0_up_sz;
void __iomem *lpe;
void __iomem *shim;
void __iomem *pci_cfg;
void __iomem *fw_ext;
* Audio DSP Mailbox configuration.
struct sst_mailbox {
void __iomem *in_base;
void __iomem *out_base;
size_t in_size;
size_t out_size;
* Audio DSP memory block types.
enum sst_mem_type {
* Audio DSP Generic Firmware File.
* SST Firmware files can consist of 1..N modules. This generic structure is
* used to manage each firmware file and it's modules regardless of SST firmware
* type. A SST driver may load multiple FW files.
struct sst_fw {
struct sst_dsp *dsp;
/* base addresses of FW file data */
dma_addr_t dmable_fw_paddr; /* physical address of fw data */
void *dma_buf; /* virtual address of fw data */
u32 size; /* size of fw data */
/* lists */
struct list_head list; /* DSP list of FW */
struct list_head module_list; /* FW list of modules */
void *private; /* core doesn't touch this */
* Audio DSP Generic Module Template.
* Used to define and register a new FW module. This data is extracted from
* FW module header information.
struct sst_module_template {
u32 id;
u32 entry; /* entry point */
u32 scratch_size;
u32 persistent_size;
* Block Allocator - Used to allocate blocks of DSP memory.
struct sst_block_allocator {
u32 id;
u32 offset;
int size;
enum sst_mem_type type;
* Runtime Module Instance - A module object can be instanciated multiple
* times within the DSP FW.
struct sst_module_runtime {
struct sst_dsp *dsp;
int id;
struct sst_module *module; /* parent module we belong too */
u32 persistent_offset; /* private memory offset */
void *private;
struct list_head list;
struct list_head block_list; /* list of blocks used */
* Runtime Module Context - The runtime context must be manually stored by the
* driver prior to enter S3 and restored after leaving S3. This should really be
* part of the memory context saved by the enter D3 message IPC ???
struct sst_module_runtime_context {
dma_addr_t dma_buffer;
u32 *buffer;
* Audio DSP Module State
enum sst_module_state {
SST_MODULE_STATE_UNLOADED = 0, /* default state */
* Audio DSP Generic Module.
* Each Firmware file can consist of 1..N modules. A module can span multiple
* ADSP memory blocks. The simplest FW will be a file with 1 module. A module
* can be instanciated multiple times in the DSP.
struct sst_module {
struct sst_dsp *dsp;
struct sst_fw *sst_fw; /* parent FW we belong too */
/* module configuration */
u32 id;
u32 entry; /* module entry point */
s32 offset; /* module offset in firmware file */
u32 size; /* module size */
u32 scratch_size; /* global scratch memory required */
u32 persistent_size; /* private memory required */
enum sst_mem_type type; /* destination memory type */
u32 data_offset; /* offset in ADSP memory space */
void *data; /* module data */
/* runtime */
u32 usage_count; /* can be unloaded if count == 0 */
void *private; /* core doesn't touch this */
/* lists */
struct list_head block_list; /* Module list of blocks in use */
struct list_head list; /* DSP list of modules */
struct list_head list_fw; /* FW list of modules */
struct list_head runtime_list; /* list of runtime module objects*/
/* state */
enum sst_module_state state;
* SST Memory Block operations.
struct sst_block_ops {
int (*enable)(struct sst_mem_block *block);
int (*disable)(struct sst_mem_block *block);
* SST Generic Memory Block.
* SST ADP memory has multiple IRAM and DRAM blocks. Some ADSP blocks can be
* power gated.
struct sst_mem_block {
struct sst_dsp *dsp;
struct sst_module *module; /* module that uses this block */
/* block config */
u32 offset; /* offset from base */
u32 size; /* block size */
u32 index; /* block index 0..N */
enum sst_mem_type type; /* block memory type IRAM/DRAM */
const struct sst_block_ops *ops;/* block operations, if any */
/* block status */
u32 bytes_used; /* bytes in use by modules */
void *private; /* generic core does not touch this */
int users; /* number of modules using this block */
/* block lists */
struct list_head module_list; /* Module list of blocks */
struct list_head list; /* Map list of free/used blocks */
* Generic SST Shim Interface.
struct sst_dsp {
/* Shared for all platforms */
/* runtime */
struct sst_dsp_device *sst_dev;
spinlock_t spinlock; /* IPC locking */
struct mutex mutex; /* DSP FW lock */
struct device *dev;
struct device *dma_dev;
void *thread_context;
int irq;
u32 id;
/* operations */
struct sst_ops *ops;
/* debug FS */
struct dentry *debugfs_root;
/* base addresses */
struct sst_addr addr;
/* mailbox */
struct sst_mailbox mailbox;
/* HSW/Byt data */
/* list of free and used ADSP memory blocks */
struct list_head used_block_list;
struct list_head free_block_list;
/* SST FW files loaded and their modules */
struct list_head module_list;
struct list_head fw_list;
/* scratch buffer */
struct list_head scratch_block_list;
u32 scratch_offset;
u32 scratch_size;
/* platform data */
struct sst_pdata *pdata;
/* DMA FW loading */
struct sst_dma *dma;
bool fw_use_dma;
/* SKL data */
const char *fw_name;
/* To allocate CL dma buffers */
struct skl_dsp_loader_ops dsp_ops;
struct skl_dsp_fw_ops fw_ops;
int sst_state;
struct skl_cl_dev cl_dev;
u32 intr_status;
const struct firmware *fw;
struct snd_dma_buffer dmab;
/* Size optimised DRAM/IRAM memcpy */
static inline void sst_dsp_write(struct sst_dsp *sst, void *src,
u32 dest_offset, size_t bytes)
sst->ops->ram_write(sst, sst->addr.lpe + dest_offset, src, bytes);
static inline void sst_dsp_read(struct sst_dsp *sst, void *dest,
u32 src_offset, size_t bytes)
sst->ops->ram_read(sst, dest, sst->addr.lpe + src_offset, bytes);
static inline void *sst_dsp_get_thread_context(struct sst_dsp *sst)
return sst->thread_context;
/* Create/Free FW files - can contain multiple modules */
struct sst_fw *sst_fw_new(struct sst_dsp *dsp,
const struct firmware *fw, void *private);
void sst_fw_free(struct sst_fw *sst_fw);
void sst_fw_free_all(struct sst_dsp *dsp);
int sst_fw_reload(struct sst_fw *sst_fw);
void sst_fw_unload(struct sst_fw *sst_fw);
/* Create/Free firmware modules */
struct sst_module *sst_module_new(struct sst_fw *sst_fw,
struct sst_module_template *template, void *private);
void sst_module_free(struct sst_module *module);
struct sst_module *sst_module_get_from_id(struct sst_dsp *dsp, u32 id);
int sst_module_alloc_blocks(struct sst_module *module);
int sst_module_free_blocks(struct sst_module *module);
/* Create/Free firmware module runtime instances */
struct sst_module_runtime *sst_module_runtime_new(struct sst_module *module,
int id, void *private);
void sst_module_runtime_free(struct sst_module_runtime *runtime);
struct sst_module_runtime *sst_module_runtime_get_from_id(
struct sst_module *module, u32 id);
int sst_module_runtime_alloc_blocks(struct sst_module_runtime *runtime,
int offset);
int sst_module_runtime_free_blocks(struct sst_module_runtime *runtime);
int sst_module_runtime_save(struct sst_module_runtime *runtime,
struct sst_module_runtime_context *context);
int sst_module_runtime_restore(struct sst_module_runtime *runtime,
struct sst_module_runtime_context *context);
/* generic block allocation */
int sst_alloc_blocks(struct sst_dsp *dsp, struct sst_block_allocator *ba,
struct list_head *block_list);
int sst_free_blocks(struct sst_dsp *dsp, struct list_head *block_list);
/* scratch allocation */
int sst_block_alloc_scratch(struct sst_dsp *dsp);
void sst_block_free_scratch(struct sst_dsp *dsp);
/* Register the DSPs memory blocks - would be nice to read from ACPI */
struct sst_mem_block *sst_mem_block_register(struct sst_dsp *dsp, u32 offset,
u32 size, enum sst_mem_type type, const struct sst_block_ops *ops,
u32 index, void *private);
void sst_mem_block_unregister_all(struct sst_dsp *dsp);
u32 sst_dsp_get_offset(struct sst_dsp *dsp, u32 offset,
enum sst_mem_type type);