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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Makefile for the m68knommu kernel.
# If you want to play with the HW breakpoints then you will
# need to add define this, which will give you a stack backtrace
# on the console port whenever a DBG interrupt occurs. You have to
# set up you HW breakpoints to trigger a DBG interrupt:
# ccflags-y := -DTRAP_DBG_INTERRUPT
# asflags-y := -DTRAP_DBG_INTERRUPT
obj-$(CONFIG_COLDFIRE) += cache.o clk.o device.o dma.o entry.o vectors.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5206) += m5206.o timers.o intc.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5206e) += m5206.o timers.o intc.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M520x) += m520x.o pit.o intc-simr.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M523x) += m523x.o pit.o dma_timer.o intc-2.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5249) += m5249.o timers.o intc.o intc-5249.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M525x) += m525x.o timers.o intc.o intc-525x.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M527x) += m527x.o pit.o intc-2.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5272) += m5272.o intc-5272.o timers.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M528x) += m528x.o pit.o intc-2.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5307) += m5307.o timers.o intc.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M53xx) += m53xx.o timers.o intc-simr.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5407) += m5407.o timers.o intc.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M54xx) += m54xx.o sltimers.o intc-2.o
obj-$(CONFIG_M5441x) += m5441x.o pit.o intc-simr.o reset.o
obj-$(CONFIG_NETtel) += nettel.o
obj-$(CONFIG_CLEOPATRA) += nettel.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FIREBEE) += firebee.o
obj-$(CONFIG_MCF8390) += mcf8390.o
obj-$(CONFIG_AMCORE) += amcore.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PCI) += pci.o
obj-y += gpio.o
extra-y := head.o