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* Shared Memory Communications over RDMA (SMC-R) and RoCE
* Work Requests exploiting Infiniband API
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2016
* Author(s): Steffen Maier <>
#ifndef SMC_WR_H
#define SMC_WR_H
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <rdma/ib_verbs.h>
#include <asm/div64.h>
#include "smc.h"
#include "smc_core.h"
#define SMC_WR_MAX_CQE 32768 /* max. # of completion queue elements */
#define SMC_WR_BUF_CNT 16 /* # of ctrl buffers per link */
#define SMC_WR_TX_SIZE 44 /* actual size of wr_send data (<=SMC_WR_BUF_SIZE) */
struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv {
typedef void (*smc_wr_tx_handler)(struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *,
struct smc_link *,
enum ib_wc_status);
typedef bool (*smc_wr_tx_filter)(struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *,
unsigned long);
typedef void (*smc_wr_tx_dismisser)(struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *);
struct smc_wr_rx_handler {
struct hlist_node list; /* hash table collision resolution */
void (*handler)(struct ib_wc *, void *);
u8 type;
/* Only used by RDMA write WRs.
* All other WRs (CDC/LLC) use smc_wr_tx_send handling WR_ID implicitly
static inline long smc_wr_tx_get_next_wr_id(struct smc_link *link)
return atomic_long_inc_return(&link->wr_tx_id);
static inline void smc_wr_tx_set_wr_id(atomic_long_t *wr_tx_id, long val)
atomic_long_set(wr_tx_id, val);
/* post a new receive work request to fill a completed old work request entry */
static inline int smc_wr_rx_post(struct smc_link *link)
struct ib_recv_wr *bad_recv_wr = NULL;
int rc;
u64 wr_id, temp_wr_id;
u32 index;
wr_id = ++link->wr_rx_id; /* tasklet context, thus not atomic */
temp_wr_id = wr_id;
index = do_div(temp_wr_id, link->wr_rx_cnt);
link->wr_rx_ibs[index].wr_id = wr_id;
rc = ib_post_recv(link->roce_qp, &link->wr_rx_ibs[index], &bad_recv_wr);
return rc;
int smc_wr_create_link(struct smc_link *lnk);
int smc_wr_alloc_link_mem(struct smc_link *lnk);
void smc_wr_free_link(struct smc_link *lnk);
void smc_wr_free_link_mem(struct smc_link *lnk);
void smc_wr_remember_qp_attr(struct smc_link *lnk);
void smc_wr_remove_dev(struct smc_ib_device *smcibdev);
void smc_wr_add_dev(struct smc_ib_device *smcibdev);
int smc_wr_tx_get_free_slot(struct smc_link *link, smc_wr_tx_handler handler,
struct smc_wr_buf **wr_buf,
struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv **wr_pend_priv);
int smc_wr_tx_put_slot(struct smc_link *link,
struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *wr_pend_priv);
int smc_wr_tx_send(struct smc_link *link,
struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *wr_pend_priv);
void smc_wr_tx_cq_handler(struct ib_cq *ib_cq, void *cq_context);
bool smc_wr_tx_has_pending(struct smc_link *link, u8 wr_rx_hdr_type,
smc_wr_tx_filter filter, unsigned long data);
void smc_wr_tx_dismiss_slots(struct smc_link *lnk, u8 wr_rx_hdr_type,
smc_wr_tx_filter filter,
smc_wr_tx_dismisser dismisser,
unsigned long data);
int smc_wr_rx_register_handler(struct smc_wr_rx_handler *handler);
int smc_wr_rx_post_init(struct smc_link *link);
void smc_wr_rx_cq_handler(struct ib_cq *ib_cq, void *cq_context);
int smc_wr_reg_send(struct smc_link *link, struct ib_mr *mr);
#endif /* SMC_WR_H */