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config MCE_AMD_INJ
tristate "Simple MCE injection interface for AMD processors"
depends on RAS && X86_MCE && DEBUG_FS && AMD_NB
default n
This is a simple debugfs interface to inject MCEs and test different
aspects of the MCE handling code.
WARNING: Do not even assume this interface is staying stable!
config RAS_CEC
bool "Correctable Errors Collector"
depends on X86_MCE && MEMORY_FAILURE && DEBUG_FS
This is a small cache which collects correctable memory errors per 4K
page PFN and counts their repeated occurrence. Once the counter for a
PFN overflows, we try to soft-offline that page as we take it to mean
that it has reached a relatively high error count and would probably
be best if we don't use it anymore.
Bear in mind that this is absolutely useless if your platform doesn't
have ECC DIMMs and doesn't have DRAM ECC checking enabled in the BIOS.