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# Generic power capping sysfs interface configuration
menuconfig POWERCAP
bool "Generic powercap sysfs driver"
The power capping sysfs interface allows kernel subsystems to expose power
capping settings to user space in a consistent way. Usually, it consists
of multiple control types that determine which settings may be exposed and
power zones representing parts of the system that can be subject to power
If you want this code to be compiled in, say Y here.
# Client driver configurations go here.
tristate "Intel RAPL Support"
depends on X86 && IOSF_MBI
default n
This enables support for the Intel Running Average Power Limit (RAPL)
technology which allows power limits to be enforced and monitored on
modern Intel processors (Sandy Bridge and later).
In RAPL, the platform level settings are divided into domains for
fine grained control. These domains include processor package, DRAM
controller, CPU core (Power Plance 0), graphics uncore (Power Plane
1), etc.