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* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only,
* as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License version 2 for more details (a copy is included
* in the LICENSE file that accompanied this code).
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* version 2 along with this program; If not, see
* Copyright (c) 2007, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
* Use is subject to license terms.
* Copyright (c) 2011, 2012, Intel Corporation.
* This file is part of Lustre,
* Lustre is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* lnet/selftest/console.h
* kernel structure for LST console
* Author: Liang Zhen <>
#ifndef __LST_CONSOLE_H__
#define __LST_CONSOLE_H__
#include <linux/libcfs/libcfs.h>
#include <linux/lnet/lib-types.h>
#include <uapi/linux/lnet/lnetst.h>
#include "selftest.h"
#include "conrpc.h"
/* node descriptor */
struct lstcon_node {
struct lnet_process_id nd_id; /* id of the node */
int nd_ref; /* reference count */
int nd_state; /* state of the node */
int nd_timeout; /* session timeout */
unsigned long nd_stamp; /* timestamp of last replied RPC */
struct lstcon_rpc nd_ping; /* ping rpc */
/* node link descriptor */
struct lstcon_ndlink {
struct list_head ndl_link; /* chain on list */
struct list_head ndl_hlink; /* chain on hash */
struct lstcon_node *ndl_node; /* pointer to node */
/* (alias of nodes) group descriptor */
struct lstcon_group {
struct list_head grp_link; /* chain on global group list
int grp_ref; /* reference count */
int grp_userland; /* has userland nodes */
int grp_nnode; /* # of nodes */
char grp_name[LST_NAME_SIZE]; /* group name */
struct list_head grp_trans_list; /* transaction list */
struct list_head grp_ndl_list; /* nodes list */
struct list_head grp_ndl_hash[0]; /* hash table for nodes */
#define LST_BATCH_IDLE 0xB0 /* idle batch */
#define LST_BATCH_RUNNING 0xB1 /* running batch */
struct lstcon_tsb_hdr {
struct lst_bid tsb_id; /* batch ID */
int tsb_index; /* test index */
/* (tests ) batch descriptor */
struct lstcon_batch {
struct lstcon_tsb_hdr bat_hdr; /* test_batch header */
struct list_head bat_link; /* chain on session's batches list */
int bat_ntest; /* # of test */
int bat_state; /* state of the batch */
int bat_arg; /* parameter for run|stop, timeout
* for run, force for stop
char bat_name[LST_NAME_SIZE];/* name of batch */
struct list_head bat_test_list; /* list head of tests (struct lstcon_test)
struct list_head bat_trans_list; /* list head of transaction */
struct list_head bat_cli_list; /* list head of client nodes
* (struct lstcon_node)
struct list_head *bat_cli_hash; /* hash table of client nodes */
struct list_head bat_srv_list; /* list head of server nodes */
struct list_head *bat_srv_hash; /* hash table of server nodes */
/* a single test descriptor */
struct lstcon_test {
struct lstcon_tsb_hdr tes_hdr; /* test batch header */
struct list_head tes_link; /* chain on batch's tests list */
struct lstcon_batch *tes_batch; /* pointer to batch */
int tes_type; /* type of the test, i.e: bulk, ping */
int tes_stop_onerr; /* stop on error */
int tes_oneside; /* one-sided test */
int tes_concur; /* concurrency */
int tes_loop; /* loop count */
int tes_dist; /* nodes distribution of target group */
int tes_span; /* nodes span of target group */
int tes_cliidx; /* client index, used for RPC creating */
struct list_head tes_trans_list; /* transaction list */
struct lstcon_group *tes_src_grp; /* group run the test */
struct lstcon_group *tes_dst_grp; /* target group */
int tes_paramlen; /* test parameter length */
char tes_param[0]; /* test parameter */
#define LST_GLOBAL_HASHSIZE 503 /* global nodes hash table size */
#define LST_NODE_HASHSIZE 239 /* node hash table (for batch or group) */
#define LST_SESSION_NONE 0x0 /* no session */
#define LST_SESSION_ACTIVE 0x1 /* working session */
#define LST_CONSOLE_TIMEOUT 300 /* default console timeout */
struct lstcon_session {
struct mutex ses_mutex; /* only 1 thread in session */
struct lst_sid ses_id; /* global session id */
int ses_key; /* local session key */
int ses_state; /* state of session */
int ses_timeout; /* timeout in seconds */
time64_t ses_laststamp; /* last operation stamp (seconds)
unsigned int ses_features; /* tests features of the session
unsigned int ses_feats_updated:1; /* features are synced with
* remote test nodes
unsigned int ses_force:1; /* force creating */
unsigned int ses_shutdown:1; /* session is shutting down */
unsigned int ses_expired:1; /* console is timedout */
__u64 ses_id_cookie; /* batch id cookie */
char ses_name[LST_NAME_SIZE];/* session name */
struct lstcon_rpc_trans *ses_ping; /* session pinger */
struct stt_timer ses_ping_timer; /* timer for pinger */
struct lstcon_trans_stat ses_trans_stat; /* transaction stats */
struct list_head ses_trans_list; /* global list of transaction */
struct list_head ses_grp_list; /* global list of groups */
struct list_head ses_bat_list; /* global list of batches */
struct list_head ses_ndl_list; /* global list of nodes */
struct list_head *ses_ndl_hash; /* hash table of nodes */
spinlock_t ses_rpc_lock; /* serialize */
atomic_t ses_rpc_counter; /* # of initialized RPCs */
struct list_head ses_rpc_freelist; /* idle console rpc */
}; /* session descriptor */
extern struct lstcon_session console_session;
static inline struct lstcon_trans_stat *
return &console_session.ses_trans_stat;
static inline struct list_head *
lstcon_id2hash(struct lnet_process_id id, struct list_head *hash)
unsigned int idx = LNET_NIDADDR(id.nid) % LST_NODE_HASHSIZE;
return &hash[idx];
int lstcon_ioctl_entry(unsigned int cmd, struct libcfs_ioctl_hdr *hdr);
int lstcon_console_init(void);
int lstcon_console_fini(void);
int lstcon_session_match(struct lst_sid sid);
int lstcon_session_new(char *name, int key, unsigned int version,
int timeout, int flags, struct lst_sid __user *sid_up);
int lstcon_session_info(struct lst_sid __user *sid_up, int __user *key,
unsigned __user *verp, struct lstcon_ndlist_ent __user *entp,
char __user *name_up, int len);
int lstcon_session_end(void);
int lstcon_session_debug(int timeout, struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_session_feats_check(unsigned int feats);
int lstcon_batch_debug(int timeout, char *name,
int client, struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_group_debug(int timeout, char *name,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_nodes_debug(int timeout, int nnd,
struct lnet_process_id __user *nds_up,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_group_add(char *name);
int lstcon_group_del(char *name);
int lstcon_group_clean(char *name, int args);
int lstcon_group_refresh(char *name, struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_nodes_add(char *name, int nnd, struct lnet_process_id __user *nds_up,
unsigned int *featp, struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_nodes_remove(char *name, int nnd,
struct lnet_process_id __user *nds_up,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_group_info(char *name, struct lstcon_ndlist_ent __user *gent_up,
int *index_p, int *ndent_p,
struct lstcon_node_ent __user *ndents_up);
int lstcon_group_list(int idx, int len, char __user *name_up);
int lstcon_batch_add(char *name);
int lstcon_batch_run(char *name, int timeout,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_batch_stop(char *name, int force,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_test_batch_query(char *name, int testidx,
int client, int timeout,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_batch_del(char *name);
int lstcon_batch_list(int idx, int namelen, char __user *name_up);
int lstcon_batch_info(char *name, struct lstcon_test_batch_ent __user *ent_up,
int server, int testidx, int *index_p,
int *ndent_p, struct lstcon_node_ent __user *dents_up);
int lstcon_group_stat(char *grp_name, int timeout,
struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_nodes_stat(int count, struct lnet_process_id __user *ids_up,
int timeout, struct list_head __user *result_up);
int lstcon_test_add(char *batch_name, int type, int loop,
int concur, int dist, int span,
char *src_name, char *dst_name,
void *param, int paramlen, int *retp,
struct list_head __user *result_up);