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SM750 of Silicon MOtion is pci express display controller device.
The SM750 embedded graphics features include:
- dual display
- 2D acceleration
- 16MB integrated video memory
About the kernel module parameter of driver:
Use 1280,8bpp index color and 60 hz mode:
insmod ./sm750fb.ko g_option="1280x1024-8@60"
Disable MTRR,Disable 2d acceleration,Disable hardware cursor,
and use a 800x600 mode :
insmod ./sm750fb.ko g_option="noaccel:nomtrr:nohwc:800x600"
dual frame buffer for driver with "dual" parameter
insmod ./sm750fb.ko g_option="dual,800x600:1024x768"
it will create fb0 and fb1 (or fb1,fb2 if fb0 already exist) under /dev
and user can use con2fb to link fbX and ttyX
1) if you build the driver with built-in method, the parameter
you edited in the grub config file will be also the
same format as above modular method,but additionally add
ahead of parameters,so,it looks like:
it equal to modular method with below command:
insmod ./sm750fb.ko g_option="noaccel:1280x1024@60:otherparm:etc..."
2) if you put 800x600 into the parameter without bpp and
refresh rate, kernel driver will defaulty use 16bpp and 60hz
if you have vesafb enabled in your config then /dev/fb0 will be created by vesafb
and this driver will use fb1, fb2. In that case, you need to configure your X-server
to use fb1. Another simple althernative is to disable vesafb from your config.