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#ifndef _VB_STRUCT_
#define _VB_STRUCT_
#include "../../video/fbdev/sis/vstruct.h"
struct XGI_LVDSCRT1HDataStruct {
unsigned char Reg[8];
struct XGI_LVDSCRT1VDataStruct {
unsigned char Reg[7];
struct XGI_ExtStruct {
unsigned char Ext_ModeID;
unsigned short Ext_ModeFlag;
unsigned short Ext_ModeInfo;
unsigned char Ext_RESINFO;
unsigned char VB_ExtTVYFilterIndex;
unsigned char REFindex;
struct XGI_Ext2Struct {
unsigned short Ext_InfoFlag;
unsigned char Ext_CRT1CRTC;
unsigned char Ext_CRTVCLK;
unsigned char Ext_CRT2CRTC;
unsigned char Ext_CRT2CRTC2;
unsigned char ModeID;
unsigned short XRes;
unsigned short YRes;
struct XGI_ECLKDataStruct {
unsigned char SR2E, SR2F, SR30;
unsigned short CLOCK;
/*add for new UNIVGABIOS*/
struct XGI_LCDDesStruct {
unsigned short LCDHDES;
unsigned short LCDHRS;
unsigned short LCDVDES;
unsigned short LCDVRS;
struct XGI330_LCDDataDesStruct2 {
unsigned short LCDHDES;
unsigned short LCDHRS;
unsigned short LCDVDES;
unsigned short LCDVRS;
unsigned short LCDHSync;
unsigned short LCDVSync;
struct XGI330_LCDDataTablStruct {
unsigned char PANELID;
unsigned short MASK;
unsigned short CAP;
void const *DATAPTR;
struct XGI330_TVDataTablStruct {
unsigned short MASK;
unsigned short CAP;
struct SiS_TVData const *DATAPTR;
struct XGI_TimingHStruct {
unsigned char data[8];
struct XGI_TimingVStruct {
unsigned char data[7];
struct XGI_XG21CRT1Struct {
unsigned char ModeID, CR02, CR03, CR15, CR16;
struct XGI330_LCDCapStruct {
unsigned char LCD_ID;
unsigned short LCD_Capability;
unsigned char LCD_HSyncWidth;
unsigned char LCD_VSyncWidth;
unsigned char LCD_VCLK;
unsigned char LCDA_VCLKData1;
unsigned char LCDA_VCLKData2;
unsigned char LCUCHAR_VCLKData1;
unsigned char LCUCHAR_VCLKData2;
unsigned char Spectrum_31;
unsigned char Spectrum_32;
unsigned char Spectrum_33;
unsigned char Spectrum_34;
struct XGI21_LVDSCapStruct {
unsigned short LVDS_Capability;
unsigned short LVDSHT;
unsigned short LVDSVT;
unsigned short LVDSHDE;
unsigned short LVDSVDE;
unsigned short LVDSHFP;
unsigned short LVDSVFP;
unsigned short LVDSHSYNC;
unsigned short LVDSVSYNC;
unsigned char VCLKData1;
unsigned char VCLKData2;
unsigned char PSC_S1; /* Duration between CPL on and signal on */
unsigned char PSC_S2; /* Duration signal on and Vdd on */
unsigned char PSC_S3; /* Duration between CPL off and signal off */
unsigned char PSC_S4; /* Duration signal off and Vdd off */
unsigned char PSC_S5;
struct XGI_CRT1TableStruct {
unsigned char CR[16];
struct XGI301C_Tap4TimingStruct {
unsigned short DE;
unsigned char Reg[64]; /* C0-FF */
struct vb_device_info {
unsigned long P3c4, P3d4, P3c0, P3ce, P3c2, P3cc;
unsigned long P3ca, P3c6, P3c7, P3c8, P3c9, P3da;
unsigned long Part0Port, Part1Port, Part2Port;
unsigned long Part3Port, Part4Port, Part5Port;
unsigned short VGAVT, VGAHT, VGAVDE, VGAHDE;
unsigned short VT, HT, VDE, HDE;
unsigned short ModeType;
unsigned short IF_DEF_LVDS;
unsigned short IF_DEF_CRT2Monitor;
unsigned short IF_DEF_YPbPr;
unsigned short IF_DEF_HiVision;
unsigned short LCDResInfo, LCDTypeInfo, VBType;/*301b*/
unsigned short VBInfo, TVInfo, LCDInfo;
unsigned short SetFlag;
unsigned short NewFlickerMode;
unsigned short SelectCRT2Rate;
void __iomem *FBAddr;
unsigned char const *SR18;
unsigned char const (*CR40)[3];
struct SiS_MCLKData const *MCLKData;
unsigned char XGINew_CR97;
struct XGI330_LCDCapStruct const *LCDCapList;
struct XGI_TimingHStruct TimingH;
struct XGI_TimingVStruct TimingV;
int ram_type;
int ram_channel;
int ram_bus;
}; /* _struct vb_device_info */
#endif /* _VB_STRUCT_ */