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* Copyright 2003 Digi International (
* Scott H Kilau <Scott_Kilau at digi dot com>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
#ifndef _DGNC_DRIVER_H
#define _DGNC_DRIVER_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/tty.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include "digi.h" /* Digi specific ioctl header */
/* Driver identification and error statements */
#define PROCSTR "dgnc" /* /proc entries */
#define DEVSTR "/dev/dg/dgnc" /* /dev entries */
#define DRVSTR "dgnc" /* Driver name string */
#define DG_PART "40002369_F" /* RPM part number */
#define TRC_TO_CONSOLE 1
/* Number of boards we support at once. */
#define MAXBOARDS 20
#define MAXPORTS 8
/* Serial port types */
#define DGNC_SERIAL 0
#define DGNC_PRINT 1
#define PORT_NUM(dev) ((dev) & 0x7f)
#define IS_PRINT(dev) (((dev) & 0xff) >= 0x80)
/* MAX number of stop characters sent when our read queue is getting full */
#define MAX_STOPS_SENT 5
/* 4 extra for alignment play space */
#define WRITEBUFLEN ((4096) + 4)
#define dgnc_jiffies_from_ms(a) (((a) * HZ) / 1000)
#define _POSIX_VDISABLE '\0'
/* All the possible states the driver can be while being loaded. */
enum {
/* All the possible states the board can be while booting up. */
enum {
struct dgnc_board;
struct channel_t;
* struct board_ops - Per board operations.
struct board_ops {
void (*tasklet)(unsigned long data);
irqreturn_t (*intr)(int irq, void *voidbrd);
void (*uart_init)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*uart_off)(struct channel_t *ch);
int (*drain)(struct tty_struct *tty, uint seconds);
void (*param)(struct tty_struct *tty);
void (*vpd)(struct dgnc_board *brd);
void (*assert_modem_signals)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*flush_uart_write)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*flush_uart_read)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*disable_receiver)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*enable_receiver)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*send_break)(struct channel_t *ch, int);
void (*send_start_character)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*send_stop_character)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*copy_data_from_queue_to_uart)(struct channel_t *ch);
uint (*get_uart_bytes_left)(struct channel_t *ch);
void (*send_immediate_char)(struct channel_t *ch, unsigned char);
/* Device flag definitions for bd_flags. */
#define BD_IS_PCI_EXPRESS 0x0001 /* Is a PCI Express board */
* struct dgnc_board - Per board information.
* @boardnum: Board number (0 - 32).
* @type: Type of board.
* @name: Product name.
* @pdev: Pointer to the pci_dev structure.
* @bd_flags: Board flags.
* @vendor: PCI vendor ID.
* @device: PCI device ID.
* @subvendor: PCI subsystem vendor ID.
* @subdevice: PCI subsystem device ID.
* @rev: PCI revision ID.
* @pci_bus: PCI bus value.
* @pci_slot: PCI slot value.
* @maxports: Maximum ports this board can handle.
* @dvid: Board specific device ID.
* @vpd: VPD of this board, if found.
* @serial_num: Serial number of this board, if found in VPD.
* @bd_lock: Used to protect board.
* @bd_intr_lock: Protect poller tasklet and interrupt routine from each other.
* @state: State of the card.
* @state_wait: Queue to sleep on for state change.
* @helper_tasklet: Poll helper tasklet.
* @nasync: Number of ports on card.
* @irq: Interrupt request number.
* @membase: Start of base memory of the card.
* @membase_end: End of base memory of the card.
* @iobase: Start of IO base of the card.
* @iobase_end: End of IO base of the card.
* @bd_uart_offset: Space between each UART.
* @channels: array of pointers to our channels.
* @serial_driver: Pointer to the serial driver.
* @serial_name: Serial driver name.
* @print_dirver: Pointer to the print driver.
* @print_name: Print driver name.
* @dpatype: Board type as defined by DPA.
* @dpastatus: Board status as defined by DPA.
* @bd_dividend: Board/UART's specific dividend.
* @bd_ops: Pointer to board operations structure.
* @proc_entry_pointer: Proc/<board> entry
* @dgnc_board_table: Proc/<board> entry
struct dgnc_board {
int boardnum;
int type;
char *name;
struct pci_dev *pdev;
unsigned long bd_flags;
u16 vendor;
u16 device;
u16 subvendor;
u16 subdevice;
unsigned char rev;
uint pci_bus;
uint pci_slot;
uint maxports;
unsigned char dvid;
unsigned char vpd[128];
unsigned char serial_num[20];
/* used to protect the board */
spinlock_t bd_lock;
/* Protect poller tasklet and interrupt routine from each other. */
spinlock_t bd_intr_lock;
uint state;
wait_queue_head_t state_wait;
struct tasklet_struct helper_tasklet;
uint nasync;
uint irq;
ulong membase;
ulong membase_end;
u8 __iomem *re_map_membase;
ulong iobase;
ulong iobase_end;
uint bd_uart_offset;
struct channel_t *channels[MAXPORTS];
struct tty_driver *serial_driver;
char serial_name[200];
struct tty_driver *print_driver;
char print_name[200];
u16 dpatype;
u16 dpastatus;
uint bd_dividend;
struct board_ops *bd_ops;
struct proc_dir_entry *proc_entry_pointer;
struct dgnc_proc_entry *dgnc_board_table;
/* Unit flag definitions for un_flags. */
#define UN_ISOPEN 0x0001 /* Device is open */
#define UN_CLOSING 0x0002 /* Line is being closed */
#define UN_IMM 0x0004 /* Service immediately */
#define UN_BUSY 0x0008 /* Some work this channel */
#define UN_BREAKI 0x0010 /* Input break received */
#define UN_PWAIT 0x0020 /* Printer waiting for terminal */
#define UN_TIME 0x0040 /* Waiting on time */
#define UN_EMPTY 0x0080 /* Waiting output queue empty */
#define UN_LOW 0x0100 /* Waiting output low water mark*/
#define UN_EXCL_OPEN 0x0200 /* Open for exclusive use */
#define UN_WOPEN 0x0400 /* Device waiting for open */
#define UN_WIOCTL 0x0800 /* Device waiting for open */
#define UN_HANGUP 0x8000 /* Carrier lost */
struct device;
* struct un_t - terminal or printer unit
* @un_open_count: Counter of opens to port.
* @un_tty: Pointer to unit tty structure.
* @un_flags: Unit flags.
* @un_flags_wait: Place to sleep to wait on unit.
* @un_dev: Minor device number.
struct un_t {
struct channel_t *un_ch;
ulong un_time;
uint un_type;
uint un_open_count;
struct tty_struct *un_tty;
uint un_flags;
wait_queue_head_t un_flags_wait;
uint un_dev;
struct device *un_sysfs;
/* Device flag definitions for ch_flags. */
#define CH_PRON 0x0001 /* Printer on string */
#define CH_STOP 0x0002 /* Output is stopped */
#define CH_STOPI 0x0004 /* Input is stopped */
#define CH_CD 0x0008 /* Carrier is present */
#define CH_FCAR 0x0010 /* Carrier forced on */
#define CH_HANGUP 0x0020 /* Hangup received */
#define CH_RECEIVER_OFF 0x0040 /* Receiver is off */
#define CH_OPENING 0x0080 /* Port in fragile open state */
#define CH_CLOSING 0x0100 /* Port in fragile close state */
#define CH_FIFO_ENABLED 0x0200 /* Port has FIFOs enabled */
#define CH_TX_FIFO_EMPTY 0x0400 /* TX Fifo is completely empty */
#define CH_TX_FIFO_LWM 0x0800 /* TX Fifo is below Low Water */
#define CH_BREAK_SENDING 0x1000 /* Break is being sent */
#define CH_LOOPBACK 0x2000 /* Channel is in lookback mode */
#define CH_BAUD0 0x08000 /* Used for checking B0 transitions */
#define CH_FORCED_STOP 0x20000 /* Output is forcibly stopped */
#define CH_FORCED_STOPI 0x40000 /* Input is forcibly stopped */
/* Our Read/Error/Write queue sizes */
#define RQUEUEMASK 0x1FFF /* 8 K - 1 */
#define EQUEUEMASK 0x1FFF /* 8 K - 1 */
#define WQUEUEMASK 0x0FFF /* 4 K - 1 */
* struct channel_t - Channel information.
* @dgnc_board: Pointer to board structure.
* @ch_bd: Transparent print structure.
* @ch_tun: Terminal unit information.
* @ch_pun: Printer unit information.
* @ch_lock: Provide for serialization.
* @ch_flags_wait: Channel flags wait queue.
* @ch_portnum: Port number, 0 offset.
* @ch_open_count: Open count.
* @ch_flags: Channel flags.
* @ch_close_delay: How long we should drop RTS/DTR for.
* @ch_cpstime: Time for CPS calculations.
* @ch_c_iflag: Channel iflags.
* @ch_c_cflag: Channel cflags.
* @ch_c_oflag: Channel oflags.
* @ch_c_lflag: Channel lflags.
* @ch_stopc: Stop character.
* @ch_startc: Start character.
* @ch_old_baud: Cache of the current baud rate.
* @ch_custom_speed: Custom baud rate, if set.
* @ch_wopen: Waiting for open process count.
* @ch_mostat: FEP output modem status.
* @ch_mistat: FEP input modem status.
* @chc_neo_uart: Pointer to the mapped neo UART struct
* @ch_cls_uart: Pointer to the mapped cls UART struct
* @ch_cached_lsr: Cached value of the LSR register.
* @ch_rqueue: Read queue buffer, malloc'ed.
* @ch_r_head: Head location of the read queue.
* @ch_r_tail: Tail location of the read queue.
* @ch_equeue: Error queue buffer, malloc'ed.
* @ch_e_head: Head location of the error queue.
* @ch_e_tail: Tail location of the error queue.
* @ch_wqueue: Write queue buffer, malloc'ed.
* @ch_w_head: Head location of the write queue.
* @ch_w_tail: Tail location of the write queue.
* @ch_rxcount: Total of data received so far.
* @ch_txcount: Total of data transmitted so far.
* @ch_r_tlevel: Receive trigger level.
* @ch_t_tlevel: Transmit trigger level.
* @ch_r_watermark: Receive water mark.
* @ch_stop_sending_break: Time we should STOP sending a break.
* @ch_stops_sent: How many times I have send a stop character to try
* to stop the other guy sending.
* @ch_err_parity: Count of parity
* @ch_err_frame: Count of framing errors on channel.
* @ch_err_break: Count of breaks on channel.
* @ch_err_overrun: Count of overruns on channel.
* @ch_xon_sends: Count of xons transmitted.
* @ch_xoff_sends: Count of xoffs transmitted.
* @proc_entry_pointer: Proc/<board>/<channel> entry.
* @dgnc_channel_table: Proc/<board>/<channel> entry.
struct channel_t {
struct dgnc_board *ch_bd;
struct digi_t ch_digi;
struct un_t ch_tun;
struct un_t ch_pun;
spinlock_t ch_lock; /* provide for serialization */
wait_queue_head_t ch_flags_wait;
uint ch_portnum;
uint ch_open_count;
uint ch_flags;
ulong ch_close_delay;
ulong ch_cpstime;
tcflag_t ch_c_iflag;
tcflag_t ch_c_cflag;
tcflag_t ch_c_oflag;
tcflag_t ch_c_lflag;
unsigned char ch_stopc;
unsigned char ch_startc;
uint ch_old_baud;
uint ch_custom_speed;
uint ch_wopen;
unsigned char ch_mostat;
unsigned char ch_mistat;
struct neo_uart_struct __iomem *ch_neo_uart;
struct cls_uart_struct __iomem *ch_cls_uart;
unsigned char ch_cached_lsr;
unsigned char *ch_rqueue;
ushort ch_r_head;
ushort ch_r_tail;
unsigned char *ch_equeue;
ushort ch_e_head;
ushort ch_e_tail;
unsigned char *ch_wqueue;
ushort ch_w_head;
ushort ch_w_tail;
ulong ch_rxcount;
ulong ch_txcount;
unsigned char ch_r_tlevel;
unsigned char ch_t_tlevel;
unsigned char ch_r_watermark;
ulong ch_stop_sending_break;
uint ch_stops_sent;
ulong ch_err_parity;
ulong ch_err_frame;
ulong ch_err_break;
ulong ch_err_overrun;
ulong ch_xon_sends;
ulong ch_xoff_sends;
struct proc_dir_entry *proc_entry_pointer;
struct dgnc_proc_entry *dgnc_channel_table;
extern uint dgnc_major; /* Our driver/mgmt major */
extern int dgnc_poll_tick; /* Poll interval - 20 ms */
extern spinlock_t dgnc_global_lock; /* Driver global spinlock */
extern spinlock_t dgnc_poll_lock; /* Poll scheduling lock */
extern uint dgnc_num_boards; /* Total number of boards */
extern struct dgnc_board *dgnc_board[MAXBOARDS];/* Array of boards */
#endif /* _DGNC_DRIVER_H */