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* Copyright 2003 Digi International (
* Scott H Kilau <Scott_Kilau at digi dot com>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
#ifndef _DGNC_NEO_H
#define _DGNC_NEO_H
#include "dgnc_driver.h"
* struct neo_uart_struct - Per channel/port NEO UART structure
* key - W = read write
* - R = read only
* - U = unused
* @txrx: (RW) Holding Register.
* @ier: (RW) Interrupt Enable Register.
* @isr_fcr: (RW) Interrupt Status Reg/Fifo Control Register.
* @lcr: (RW) Line Control Register.
* @mcr: (RW) Modem Control Register.
* @lsr: (RW) Line Status Register.
* @msr: (RW) Modem Status Register.
* @spr: (RW) Scratch Pad Register.
* @fctr: (RW) Feature Control Register.
* @efr: (RW) Enhanced Function Register.
* @tfifo: (RW) Transmit FIFO Register.
* @rfifo: (RW) Receive FIFO Register.
* @xoffchar1: (RW) XOff Character 1 Register.
* @xoffchar2: (RW) XOff Character 2 Register.
* @xonchar1: (RW) Xon Character 1 Register.
* @xonchar2: (RW) XOn Character 2 Register.
* @reserved1: (U) Reserved by Exar.
* @txrxburst: (RW) 64 bytes of RX/TX FIFO Data.
* @reserved2: (U) Reserved by Exar.
* @rxburst_with_errors: (R) bytes of RX FIFO Data + LSR.
struct neo_uart_struct {
u8 txrx;
u8 ier;
u8 isr_fcr;
u8 lcr;
u8 mcr;
u8 lsr;
u8 msr;
u8 spr;
u8 fctr;
u8 efr;
u8 tfifo;
u8 rfifo;
u8 xoffchar1;
u8 xoffchar2;
u8 xonchar1;
u8 xonchar2;
u8 reserved1[0x2ff - 0x200];
u8 txrxburst[64];
u8 reserved2[0x37f - 0x340];
u8 rxburst_with_errors[64];
/* Where to read the extended interrupt register (32bits instead of 8bits) */
#define UART_17158_POLL_ADDR_OFFSET 0x80
/* These are the current dvid's of the Neo boards */
#define UART_XR17C158_DVID 0x20
#define UART_XR17D158_DVID 0x20
#define UART_XR17E158_DVID 0x40
#define NEO_EECK 0x10 /* Clock */
#define NEO_EECS 0x20 /* Chip Select */
#define NEO_EEDI 0x40 /* Data In is an Output Pin */
#define NEO_EEDO 0x80 /* Data Out is an Input Pin */
#define NEO_EEREG 0x8E /* offset to EEPROM control reg */
#define NEO_VPD_IMAGESIZE 0x40 /* size of image to read from EEPROM in words */
* These are the redefinitions for the FCTR on the XR17C158, since
* Exar made them different than their earlier design. (XR16C854)
/* These are only applicable when table D is selected */
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_NODELAY 0x00
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_4DELAY 0x01
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_6DELAY 0x02
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_8DELAY 0x03
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_12DELAY 0x12
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_16DELAY 0x05
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_20DELAY 0x13
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_24DELAY 0x06
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_28DELAY 0x14
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_32DELAY 0x07
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_36DELAY 0x16
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_40DELAY 0x08
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_44DELAY 0x09
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_48DELAY 0x10
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_52DELAY 0x11
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RTS_IRDA 0x10
#define UART_17158_FCTR_RS485 0x20
#define UART_17158_FCTR_TRGA 0x00
#define UART_17158_FCTR_TRGB 0x40
#define UART_17158_FCTR_TRGC 0x80
#define UART_17158_FCTR_TRGD 0xC0
/* 17158 trigger table selects.. */
#define UART_17158_FCTR_BIT6 0x40
#define UART_17158_FCTR_BIT7 0x80
/* 17158 TX/RX memmapped buffer offsets */
#define UART_17158_RX_FIFOSIZE 64
#define UART_17158_TX_FIFOSIZE 64
/* 17158 Extended IIR's */
#define UART_17158_IIR_RDI_TIMEOUT 0x0C /* Receiver data TIMEOUT */
#define UART_17158_IIR_XONXOFF 0x10 /* Received an XON/XOFF char */
* state change
#define UART_17158_IIR_FIFO_ENABLED 0xC0 /* 16550 FIFOs are Enabled */
* These are the extended interrupts that get sent
* back to us from the UART's 32bit interrupt register
#define UART_17158_RX_LINE_STATUS 0x1 /* RX Ready */
#define UART_17158_RXRDY_TIMEOUT 0x2 /* RX Ready Timeout */
#define UART_17158_TXRDY 0x3 /* TX Ready */
#define UART_17158_MSR 0x4 /* Modem State Change */
#define UART_17158_TX_AND_FIFO_CLR 0x40 /* Transmitter Holding
* Reg Empty
#define UART_17158_RX_FIFO_DATA_ERROR 0x80 /* UART detected an RX FIFO
* Data error
* These are the EXTENDED definitions for the 17C158's Interrupt
* Enable Register.
#define UART_17158_EFR_ECB 0x10 /* Enhanced control bit */
#define UART_17158_EFR_IXON 0x2 /* Receiver compares Xon1/Xoff1 */
#define UART_17158_EFR_IXOFF 0x8 /* Transmit Xon1/Xoff1 */
#define UART_17158_EFR_RTSDTR 0x40 /* Auto RTS/DTR Flow Control Enable */
#define UART_17158_EFR_CTSDSR 0x80 /* Auto CTS/DSR Flow Control Enable */
#define UART_17158_XOFF_DETECT 0x1 /* Indicates whether chip saw an
* incoming XOFF char
#define UART_17158_XON_DETECT 0x2 /* Indicates whether chip saw an
* incoming XON char
#define UART_17158_IER_RSVD1 0x10 /* Reserved by Exar */
#define UART_17158_IER_XOFF 0x20 /* Xoff Interrupt Enable */
#define UART_17158_IER_RTSDTR 0x40 /* Output Interrupt Enable */
#define UART_17158_IER_CTSDSR 0x80 /* Input Interrupt Enable */
extern struct board_ops dgnc_neo_ops;
#endif /* _DGNC_NEO_H */