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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: python -*-
project = 'Linux Media Subsystem Documentation'
# It is possible to run Sphinx in nickpick mode with:
nitpicky = True
# within nit-picking build, do not refer to any intersphinx object
intersphinx_mapping = {}
# In nickpick mode, it will complain about lots of missing references that
# 1) are just typedefs like: bool, __u32, etc;
# 2) It will complain for things like: enum, NULL;
# 3) It will complain for symbols that should be on different
# books (but currently aren't ported to ReST)
# The list below has a list of such symbols to be ignored in nitpick mode
nitpick_ignore = [
("c:func", "clock_gettime"),
("c:func", "close"),
("c:func", "container_of"),
("c:func", "copy_from_user"),
("c:func", "copy_to_user"),
("c:func", "determine_valid_ioctls"),
("c:func", "ERR_PTR"),
("c:func", "i2c_new_device"),
("c:func", "ioctl"),
("c:func", "IS_ERR"),
("c:func", "KERNEL_VERSION"),
("c:func", "mmap"),
("c:func", "open"),
("c:func", "pci_name"),
("c:func", "poll"),
("c:func", "PTR_ERR"),
("c:func", "read"),
("c:func", "release"),
("c:func", "set"),
("c:func", "struct fd_set"),
("c:func", "struct pollfd"),
("c:func", "usb_make_path"),
("c:func", "wait_finish"),
("c:func", "wait_prepare"),
("c:func", "write"),
("c:type", "atomic_t"),
("c:type", "bool"),
("c:type", "boolean"),
("c:type", "buf_queue"),
("c:type", "device"),
("c:type", "device_driver"),
("c:type", "device_node"),
("c:type", "enum"),
("c:type", "fd"),
("c:type", "fd_set"),
("c:type", "file"),
("c:type", "i2c_adapter"),
("c:type", "i2c_board_info"),
("c:type", "i2c_client"),
("c:type", "int16_t"),
("c:type", "ktime_t"),
("c:type", "led_classdev_flash"),
("c:type", "list_head"),
("c:type", "lock_class_key"),
("c:type", "module"),
("c:type", "mutex"),
("c:type", "NULL"),
("c:type", "off_t"),
("c:type", "pci_dev"),
("c:type", "pdvbdev"),
("c:type", "poll_table"),
("c:type", "platform_device"),
("c:type", "pollfd"),
("c:type", "poll_table_struct"),
("c:type", "s32"),
("c:type", "s64"),
("c:type", "sd"),
("c:type", "size_t"),
("c:type", "spi_board_info"),
("c:type", "spi_device"),
("c:type", "spi_master"),
("c:type", "ssize_t"),
("c:type", "fb_fix_screeninfo"),
("c:type", "pollfd"),
("c:type", "timeval"),
("c:type", "video_capability"),
("c:type", "timeval"),
("c:type", "__u16"),
("c:type", "u16"),
("c:type", "__u32"),
("c:type", "u32"),
("c:type", "__u64"),
("c:type", "u64"),
("c:type", "u8"),
("c:type", "uint16_t"),
("c:type", "uint32_t"),
("c:type", "union"),
("c:type", "__user"),
("c:type", "usb_device"),
("c:type", "usb_interface"),
("c:type", "v4l2_std_id"),
("c:type", "video_system_t"),
("c:type", "vm_area_struct"),
# Opaque structures
("c:type", "v4l2_m2m_dev"),