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There are three mailing lists for gem5:

  • gem5-dev (subscribe) --- Discussions regarding gem5 development. Bug reports should be submitted to our Jira Issue Tracker, though the gem5-dev mailing list can be used to discuss bugs in greater detail.
  • gem5-users (subscribe) --- General discussions about gem5 and its use.
  • gem5-announce (subscribe) --- General gem5 annoucements.

Mail Archive

We maintain archives of our mailing list.

The gem5-dev mail archive can be found here.

The gem5-users mail archive can be found here.

The gem5-announce mail archive can be found here.

Alternative communication channels

Stack Overflow can be used to crowd-source solutions to gem5 related problems. The Stack Overflow gem5 tag should be used: Please make sure that your question complies with the site guidelines before posting. Interested users can opt to receive email notifications for such questions as explained at