website: Provide multiple init alternatives in ubuntu image

Unfortunately it is not possible to specify a single m5 powered init
script working under every circumstance. For example when using a KVM
CPU, the default coprocessor implementation of m5 ops won't be
recognised by the host; same applies for the semihosting one; the memory
mapped version on the other hand is not compatible with a Fast Model CPU
which instead requires the semihosting interface.

To overcome these limitations, we provide a single disk image with
multiple init scripts. The user would have to point to the correct init
script depending on the simulation environment.

/init.gem5 -> If using a "standard" cpu
/init.addr.gem5 -> If using a kvm cpu
/init.semi.gem5 -> If using a fast models cpu

Signed-off-by: Giacomo Travaglini <>
Change-Id: Iab58e01eea4f465d670f6dcebd0c46f4fcf55247
Reviewed-by: Richard Cooper <>
Reviewed-by: Bobby R. Bruce <>
Maintainer: Bobby R. Bruce <>
Tested-by: Bobby R. Bruce <>
diff --git a/_pages/documentation/general_docs/fullsystem/ b/_pages/documentation/general_docs/fullsystem/
index 1cbd6a3..903130b 100644
--- a/_pages/documentation/general_docs/fullsystem/
+++ b/_pages/documentation/general_docs/fullsystem/
@@ -33,7 +33,10 @@
   Partition table: yes
-  gem5 init: `/init.gem5`
+  gem5 init:
+  * default (using m5 ops): `/init.gem5`
+  * kvm (using m5 --addr ops): `/init.addr.gem5`
+  * fast models (using m5 --semi ops): `/init.semi.gem5`
 * <>