sim-se: add a release parameter to

Set the default release to that single value for all ISAs.

glibc has checks for the kernel version based on uname, and refuses
to start any syscall emulation programs if those checks don't pass with

FATAL: kernel too old

The ideal solution to this problem is to actually implement all missing
system calls for the required kernel version and bumping the release

However, it is very hard to implement all missing syscalls and verify

Previously, we have simply bumped the version manually from time to
time when major glibc versions started breaking.

This commit alleviates the problem in two ways.

Firstly, having a single kernel version for all versions means that it is
easier to bump all versions at once.

Secondly, it makes it is possible to set the release with a parameter,
which in turn can be set from the command line with: --param 'system.cpu[:].workload[:].release = "4.18.0"'

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