python,sim: Change how the m5.* importer code is integrated.

Previously, the importer module was built into gem5 as a compressed
bytecode blob like all the other code, and it had to be singled out and
installed manually so that it could help bring in all the other modules.
That adds some amount of complexity since it has to be identified and
treated as a special case.

Instead, this change builds it into gem5 using pybind11's
PYBIND11_EMBEDDED_MODULE macro, and a string that gets evaluated into
the new module's __dict__. This means the importer module is
automatically available just by building in that .cc, and it can just be
imported to start using it.

Theoretically all the embedded python could be handled this way, but
that would mean building it into gem5 as raw strings which wouldn't even
be compiled into byte code until run time. That would take more space in
the binary, and also delay catching simple errors.

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