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<?xml version="1.0"?>
GDB feature descriptor defining the structure of the G packet,
i.e., the representation of register contents on the wire.
This file does not model any real variant of 32-bit MIPS in particular;
it simply reflects BaseGdbRegCache's fields in mips/remote_gdb.hh.
As such, this description is something of an oversimplification
relative to the XML files in the GDB source, in that it does not
take into account possible variations in features resulting in
non-sequential numbering of registers.
<!DOCTYPE feature SYSTEM "gdb-target.dtd">
<feature name="org.gem5.mips">
<reg name="r0" bitsize="32" regnum="0"/>
<reg name="r1" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r2" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r3" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r4" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r5" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r6" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r7" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r8" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r9" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r10" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r11" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r12" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r13" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r14" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r15" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r16" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r17" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r18" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r19" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r20" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r21" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r22" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r23" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r24" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r25" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r26" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r27" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r28" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r29" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r30" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="r31" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="sr" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="lo" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="hi" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="badvaddr" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="cause" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="pc" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f0" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f1" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f2" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f3" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f4" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f5" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f6" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f7" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f8" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f9" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f10" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f11" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f12" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f13" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f14" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f15" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f16" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f17" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f18" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f19" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f20" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f21" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f22" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f23" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f24" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f25" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f26" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f27" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f28" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f29" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f30" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="f31" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="fsr" bitsize="32"/>
<reg name="fir" bitsize="32"/>