tests, resources: CVE-2007-4559 Patch

Hi, we are security researchers from the Advanced Research Center at Trellix.
We have began a campaign to patch a widespread bug named CVE-2007-4559.
CVE-2007-4559 is a 15 year old bug in the Python tarfile package. By using
extract() or extractall() on a tarfile object without sanitizing input,
a maliciously crafted .tar file could perform a directory path traversal
attack. We found at least one unsantized extractall() in your codebase
and are providing a patch for you via pull request. The patch essentially
checks to see if all tarfile members will be extracted safely and throws
an exception otherwise. We encourage you to use this patch or your own
solution to secure against CVE-2007-4559.

If you have further questions you may contact us through this
projects lead researcher Kasimir Schulz.

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