dev-arm: Implement a SMMUv3 model

This is an implementation of the SMMUv3 architecture.

What can it do?
- Single-stage and nested translation with 4k or 64k granule.  16k would
  be straightforward to add.
- Large pages are supported.
- Works with any gem5 device as long as it is issuing packets with a
  valid (Sub)StreamId

What it can't do?
- Fragment stage 1 page when the underlying stage 2 page is smaller.  S1
  page size > S2 page size is not supported
- Invalidations take zero time. This wouldn't be hard to fix.
- Checkpointing is not supported
- Stall/resume for faulting transactions is not supported

Additional contributors:
- Michiel W. van Tol <>
- Giacomo Travaglini <>

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