The gem5 Components Library

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Work-In-Process Documentation. This will be expanded and completed in later revisions of the components library.

This is a high-level overview of what this library is.


Like the Zen of Python, the gem5 Components Library has a set of guiding principles. Note, these are note rules, and they are meant to be bent if needed (but maybe not broken).

Components are extensible, not configurable

We prefer extensibility instead of configurability. Instead of each component taking many different parameters, we have decided to make many different components. For instance, instead of having one core component which takes a parameter of the type (e.g., in-order or out-of-order), we specify multiple different components, an InOrderCPU and an OutOfOrder CPU.

Components use easy to remember names

We prefer longer and easier to remember names than shorter or jargon names.

Structure of the components library




Cache hierarchies

Contributing to the components library

Code style