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def upgrader(cpt):
Update the checkpoint to support initial SVE implemtation.
The updater is taking the following steps.
1) Set isa.haveSVE to false
2) Set isa.sveVL to 1
3) Add SVE misc registers in the checkpoint
if cpt.get('root', 'isa', fallback='') == 'arm':
for sec in cpt.sections():
import re
# Search for all ISA sections
if'.*sys.*\.cpu.*\.isa$', sec):
# haveSVE = false
cpt.set(sec, 'haveSVE', 'false')
# sveVL (sve Vector Length in quadword) = 1
# (This is a dummy value since haveSVE is set to false)
cpt.set(sec, 'sveVL', '1')
# Updating SVE misc registers (dummy values)
mr = cpt.get(sec, 'miscRegs').split()
if len(mr) == 820:
print("MISCREG_SVE registers already seems "
"to be inserted.")
mr[-1] = 0;
mr.append(0); # Add dummy value for MISCREG_ZCR_EL3
mr.append(0); # Add dummy value for MISCREG_ZCR_EL2
mr.append(0); # Add dummy value for MISCREG_ZCR_EL12
mr.append(0); # Add dummy value for MISCREG_ZCR_EL1
cpt.set(sec, 'miscRegs', ' '.join(str(x) for x in mr))
legacy_version = 15