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# The ISA is now a separate SimObject, which means that we serialize
# it in a separate section instead of as a part of the ThreadContext.
def upgrader(cpt):
isa = cpt.get("root", "isa", fallback="")
if isa == "":
isa_fields = {
"arm": ("miscRegs"),
"sparc": (
"x86": ("regVal"),
isa_fields = isa_fields.get(isa, [])
isa_sections = []
for sec in cpt.sections():
import re
re_cpu_match = re.match("^(.*sys.*\.cpu[^.]*)\.xc\.(.+)$", sec)
# Search for all the execution contexts
if not re_cpu_match:
if != "0":
# This shouldn't happen as we didn't support checkpointing
# of in-order and O3 CPUs.
raise ValueError(
"Don't know how to migrate multi-threaded CPUs "
"from version 1"
isa_section = []
for fspec in isa_fields:
for (key, value) in cpt.items(sec, raw=True):
if key in isa_fields:
isa_section.append((key, value))
name = "%s.isa" %
isa_sections.append((name, isa_section))
for (key, value) in isa_section:
cpt.remove_option(sec, key)
for (sec, options) in isa_sections:
# Some intermediate versions of gem5 have empty ISA sections
# (after we made the ISA a SimObject, but before we started to
# serialize into a separate ISA section).
if not cpt.has_section(sec):
if cpt.items(sec):
raise ValueError(
"Unexpected populated ISA section in old " "checkpoint"
for (key, value) in options:
cpt.set(sec, key, value)
legacy_version = 4