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# This upgrader moves memory pool attributes from a vector of pointers to the
# next free page and a vector of the limit of each pool to sections which each
# represent one pool and which hold the page shift amount, the next free page,
# and the total pages in the pool.
def upgrader(cpt):
systems = {}
for sec in cpt.sections():
ptrs = cpt.get(sec, "ptrs", fallback=None)
limits = cpt.get(sec, "limits", fallback=None)
if ptrs and limits:
systems[sec] = ptrs, limits
for sec, (ptrs, limits) in systems.items():
ptrs = list(map(int, ptrs.split()))
limits = list(map(int, limits.split()))
if len(ptrs) != len(limits):
f"'{sec}ptrs' and '{limits}limits' were not the same length!"
cpt.set(sec, "num_mem_pools", str(len(ptrs)))
cpt.remove_option(sec, "ptrs")
cpt.remove_option(sec, "limits")
# Assume the page shift is 12, for a 4KiB page.
page_shift = 12
for idx, (ptr, limit) in enumerate(zip(ptrs, limits)):
new_sec = f"{sec}.memPool{idx}"
cpt.set(new_sec, "page_shift", str(page_shift))
# Since there's no way to tell where the pool actually started,
# just assume it started wherever it is right now.
cpt.set(new_sec, "start_page", str(ptr >> page_shift))
cpt.set(new_sec, "free_page_num", str(ptr >> page_shift))
cpt.set(new_sec, "total_pages", str((limit - ptr) >> page_shift))