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# This upgrader moves memory pools from the system object to the SE workload
# object.
def upgrader(cpt):
systems = {}
# Find sections with 'num_mem_pools' options, and assume those are system
# objects which host MemPools.
for sec in cpt.sections():
num_mem_pools = cpt.get(sec, "num_mem_pools", fallback=None)
if num_mem_pools is not None:
systems[sec] = num_mem_pools
for sec, num_mem_pools in systems.items():
# Transfer num_mem_pools to the new location.
cpt.remove_option(sec, "num_mem_pools")
cpt.set(f"{sec}.workload", "num_mem_pools", num_mem_pools)
for idx in range(int(num_mem_pools)):
old_name = f"{sec}.memPool{idx}"
new_name = f"{sec}.workload.memPool{idx}"
# Create the new section.
# Copy items from the old section into it.
for item in cpt.items(old_name):
cpt.set(new_name, *item)
# Delete the old section.
depends = "mempool-sections"