cpu-o3: Refactor how registers are handled in the DynInst class.

The "Regs" structure in the DynInst class was using placement new to
allocate register arrays in a dynamically allocated blob which can be
resized based on the number of source and destination registers.
Unfortunately, it was assumed that the alignment of the components of
that structure would work out because they were ordered from largest to
smallest, which should imply largest alignment to smallest.

This change instead uses an overloaded new operator to allocate extra
memory for the DynInst itself, and then initialize arrays within that
extra space. The DynInst class then gets pointers to the arrays so it
can access them. This has the benefit that only one chunk of memory is
allocated, instead of one for the DynInst and then a second for the

Also, this new version uses the alignof operator to figure out what
alignment is needed for each array, which should avoid any undefined
behavior. The new-ing, initialization, destructing, and delete-ing are
also more carefully orchestrated. Hopefully one or both of these will
squash potential memory management bugs.

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