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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import pytest
import env # noqa: F401
from pybind11_tests import eval_ as m
def test_evals(capture):
with capture:
assert m.test_eval_statements()
assert capture == "Hello World!"
assert m.test_eval()
assert m.test_eval_single_statement()
assert m.test_eval_failure()
@pytest.mark.xfail("env.PYPY and not env.PY2", raises=RuntimeError)
def test_eval_file():
filename = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "")
assert m.test_eval_file(filename)
assert m.test_eval_file_failure()
def test_eval_empty_globals():
assert "__builtins__" in m.eval_empty_globals(None)
g = {}
assert "__builtins__" in m.eval_empty_globals(g)
assert "__builtins__" in g
def test_eval_closure():
global_, local = m.test_eval_closure()
assert global_["closure_value"] == 42
assert local["closure_value"] == 0
assert "local_value" not in global_
assert local["local_value"] == 0
assert "func_global" not in global_
assert local["func_global"]() == 42
assert "func_local" not in global_
with pytest.raises(NameError):