arch,sim-se: Update the PC before emulating a system call.

For most system calls, it doesn't matter if the PC is advanced to the
instruction after the system call instruction before or after the system
call itself is invoked, because the system call itself doesn't interact
with it.

For some system calls however, specifically "clone" and "execve",
advancing the PC *after* the system call complicates things, because it
means the system call needs to set the PC to something that will equal
the desired value only *after* it's advanced.

By setting the PC *before* the system call, the system call can set the
PC to whatever it needs to. This means the new cloned context doesn't
need to advance the PC because it's already advanced, and execve doesn't
need to set NPC, it can leave the PC set to the correct value from the
entry point set during Process initialization.

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