misc: Removed old contribution guidelines regarding branches

This is old, outdated information. It has largely been replaced by:

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 community. Additionally, the maintainer for that part of the code must sign off
 on it.
-Contributing long-lived feature branches
-Oftentimes users or institutions add features that are necessarily complex,
-and require many changes on long-lived feature branches. In this case,
-maintaining a perfect history where all changes work individually is infeasible.
-When contributing long-lived feature branches back to gem5's public repository
-users may merge entire long-lived branches into a single changeset and contribute
-their code back as long as 1) the changes have been reviewed by the maintainer
-2) the maintainer agrees to allow such a change, and 3) the changes are passing
-the public tests. Changes that affect common code (outside of a specific
-maintainer's purview) will still need to follow the standard gem5 protocol.
 Cloning the gem5 repo to contribute
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  * public/m5threads: The code for a pthreads implementation that works with
    gem5's syscall emulation mode.
-Other gem5 branches
-None right now.
 Making changes to gem5