arch-arm: Allow TarmacTracer to dump trace to a file

This patch is adding an outfile parameter to the TarmacTracer
This has 3 options:

1) stdoutput = dump to standard output (default behaviour)
2) stderror = dump to standard error
3) file = dump to a file. As there is one tracer per CPU,
this means every CPU will dump its trace to a different file,
named after the tracer name (e.g. cpu0.tracer, cpu1.tracer)

It is still possible to redirect to a file with option 1 and 2
thanks to common bash redirection. What the third option is
really buying us is the capability to dump CPU traces on
separate files, and to separate the trace output from the debug-flag

Change-Id: Icd2bcc721f8598d494c9efabdf5e092666ebdece
Signed-off-by: Giacomo Travaglini <>
Maintainer: Andreas Sandberg <>
Reviewed-by: Richard Cooper <>
Tested-by: kokoro <>
Reviewed-by: Andreas Sandberg <>
5 files changed