arch-sparc: Fix a bug in SparcNativeTrace::check.

This method is responsible for comparing gem5's state against the state
of the real process. When checking the value of NPC, it accessed the
value of nnpc() by calling pc.nnpc(), but did not actually update regVal
with it, so the comparison was between the value from the real process
and npc().

It's mildly confusing that nnpc is compared against npc, and npc against
pc, but that's because of what the state looks like in the real process
when single stepping through it with ptrace.

You can actually see where this bug was introduced if you look at the
change which created the PCState types originally. There, you can see
how regVal was set using a method of the ThreadContext, but after that
change the value is only accessed and not actually used.

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