sim: Fix Temperature class

* Adding __str__ method: To fix its printing on config.ini
(Replacing <m5.params.Temperature> with the Temperature value)

* Replacing "fromKelvin" with from_kelvin
(that's how pybind exports it)

* Fixing config_value to allow JSON serialization

Change-Id: I1aaea9c9df6466a5cbed0a29c5937243796948d2
Signed-off-by: Giacomo Travaglini <>
Reviewed-by: Andreas Sandberg <>
Reviewed-by: Jason Lowe-Power <>
Maintainer: Andreas Sandberg <>
Tested-by: kokoro <>
(cherry picked from commit 6cb9c3e87fa8034122310613079ae4f058f93233)
Maintainer: Jason Lowe-Power <>
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