mem-ruby,misc: Fixed clang template def error

Without this fix `error: call to function 'operator<<' that is neither
visible in the template definition nor found by argument-dependent
loopup` is thrown  when compiling HSAIL_X86 using a clang compiler (at

This error is due to a "<<" operator in a template declared prior to its
definition in the code. The operator is used in
`base/cprintf_formats.hh`, included in `base/cprintf.hh`, and defined in
`mem/ruby/common/BoolVec.hh`. Therefore, for clang to compile without
error, `mem/ruby/common/BoolVec.hh` must be included before
`base/cprintf.hh` when generating the
`mem/ruby/protocol/` in

Due to the gem5 style-checker, an overly-verbose solution was required
to permit this patch to be committed to the codebase.

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