gpu-compute: Fix TLB coalescer starvation

Currently, we are storing coalesced accesses in
an std::unordered_map indexed by a tick index, i.e.
issue tick / coalescing window. If there are
multiple coalesced requests, at different tick
indexes, to the same virtual address, then the
TLB coalescer will issue just the first one.

However, std::unordered_map is not a sorted
container and we issue coalesced requests by iterating
through such container. This means that the coalesced
request sent in TLBCoalescer::processProbeTLBEvent is
not necessarly the oldest one. Because of this, in
cases of high contention the oldest coalesced request
will have a huge TLB access latency.

To fix this issue, we will use an std::map which is
a sorted container and therefore guarantees the
oldest coalesced request will be sent first.

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