cpu-o3: Add support for pinned writes

This patch adds support for pinning registers for a certain number of
consecutive writes.  This is only relevant for timing CPU models
(functional-only models are unaffected), and it is primarily needed to
provide a realistic execution model for micro-coded operations whose
microops can write to non-overlapping portions of a destination
register, e.g. vector gather loads.  In those cases, this mechanism
can disable renaming for a sequence of consecutive writes, thus making
the resulting execution more efficient: allocating a new physical
register for each microop would introduce a read-modify-write chain of
dependencies, while with these modifications the microops can write
back in parallel.

Please note that this new feature is only leveraged by O3CPU for the
time being.

Additional authors:
- Gabor Dozsa <gabor.dozsa@arm.com>

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