stdlib: Refactor multi-isa stdlib incorporation

The previous version of this requires the user to set the `main-isa` at
runtime, as inplemented via In order to
keep this work in-sync with how the multi-protocol approach will work
(see here:,
it's been decided this should be set at compile time. With this we are
keeping the `TARGET_ISA` parameter. If this is set, this is the de
facto "main-isa". The `main-isa` parameter has been removed from the
gem5 command-line.

If the `TARGET_ISA` parameter is not set, but only one ISA is compiled,
then this single ISA is assumed to be the `main-isa` for simulation. If
neither `TARGET_ISA` is set or the binary is compiled to a single ISA,
an exception is thrown when `get_runtime_isa` is called.

At the time of writing this change is moot as the multi-isa work has
yet to be merged into the gem5 develop branch. It exists here: and
will need refactored to work with this patch.

The multi-isa tests have been updated. As we no longer pass the
`main-isa` as a run-time parameter, we remove many tests which validated
this use-case.

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