arch,cpu,sim: Route system calls through the workload.

System calls should now be requested from the workload directly and not
routed through ExecContext or ThreadContext interfaces. That removes a
major special case for SE mode from those interfaces.

For now, when the SE workload gets a request for a system call, it
dispatches it to the appropriate Process object. In the future, the
ISA specific Workload subclasses will be responsible for handling system
calls and not the Process classes.

For simplicity, the Workload syscall() method is defined in the base
class but will panic everywhere except when SEWorkload overrides it. In
the future, this mechanism will turn into a way to request generic
services from the workload which are not necessarily system calls. For
instance, it could be a way to request handling of a page fault without
having to have another PseudoInst just for that purpose.

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