cpu: fix how a thread starts up in MinorCPU

When a thread is activated by another thread calling a clone system
call, the child thread's context is initialized in the middle of the
clone system call and before the context is fully initialized.
Therefore, the child thread starts fetching an unitialized PC, which
could lead to a page fault.

This patch adds a pipeline wakeup event that is scheduled later in the
cycle when the thread is activated. This event ensures that the first
fetch only happens after the thread context is fully initialized
(e.g., in case of clone syscall, it is when the parent thread copies
its context over to the child thread).

When a thread first starts or wakes up, input queue to the Fetch2 stage
needs to be drained since the execution flow is likely to change and
previously fetched instructions in the queue may no longer be in the
correct flow. This patch dumps/drains all inputs in the input queue
of a thread context in the Fetch2 stage when the associated thread wakes

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