systemc: Fix TLM related includes.

There are a couple things this CL fixes related to the TLM #includes.

1. Removes #includes of <systemc> and <tlm>. These bring in a header
file from boost which shouldn't be necessary but which some of the
tests (and likely some external code) depends on. We avoid including
those in files built into gem5 itself so that gem5 isn't dependent on

2. All includes in ext should be relative. That way those headers can
be removed from gem5 and still build, allowing them to be moved over
to or referenced from a foreign codebase which isn't part of gem5.

Change-Id: I76e267385b48cb4fe93aea89ec8319c76465a0a4
Reviewed-by: Ciro Santilli <>
Maintainer: Gabe Black <>
42 files changed