scons: fix unused auto-generated blob variable in clang

Since f2bda876f73af4ecc38406f3562a3d16fd28a5a9, the build system started
adding a length for generated blobs as in:

const std::size_t variable_len = 123;

There were two types of blob files, ones with a header and the ones

The ones with the header, also include the header in the .cc of the blob,
which contains a declaration:

extern const std::size_t variable_len;

Therefore, the ones without header, don't have that extern declaration,
which makes them static according to the C++ standard.

clang then correctly interprets that as problematic due to
-Wunused-const-variable, while GCC does not notice this.

This patch removes the length declaration from the blob files that don't
have the header. Those files currently don't use the length.

Change-Id: I3fc61b28f887fc1015288857328ead2f3b34c6e6
Reviewed-by: Jason Lowe-Power <>
Maintainer: Jason Lowe-Power <>
1 file changed