mem-cache: Populate the secure bit when the temp block is filled

The secure bit should be set when we fill a block with data from a
secure location, as indicated by the packet that triggers the fill.
This patch fixes a bug in which the cache wouldn't populate the secure
bit when filling the temp block.

Change-Id: I95c706146449804ff42b205b25dd79750f3e882a
Reviewed-by: Curtis Dunham <>
Maintainer: Nikos Nikoleris <>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Carvalho <>
diff --git a/src/mem/cache/ b/src/mem/cache/
index 622f0f7..64438c1 100644
--- a/src/mem/cache/
+++ b/src/mem/cache/
@@ -1902,7 +1902,9 @@
             blk = tempBlock;
             tempBlock->set = tags->extractSet(addr);
             tempBlock->tag = tags->extractTag(addr);
-            // @todo: set security state as well...
+            if (is_secure) {
+                tempBlock->status |= BlkSecure;
+            }
             DPRINTF(Cache, "using temp block for %#llx (%s)\n", addr,
                     is_secure ? "s" : "ns");
         } else {