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* Marvell Orion Watchdog Time
Required Properties:
- Compatibility : "marvell,orion-wdt"
- reg : Should contain two entries: first one with the
timer control address, second one with the
rstout enable address.
For "marvell,armada-375-wdt" and "marvell,armada-380-wdt":
- reg : A third entry is mandatory and should contain the
shared mask/unmask RSTOUT address.
Optional properties:
- interrupts : Contains the IRQ for watchdog expiration
- timeout-sec : Contains the watchdog timeout in seconds
wdt@20300 {
compatible = "marvell,orion-wdt";
reg = <0x20300 0x28>, <0x20108 0x4>;
interrupts = <3>;
timeout-sec = <10>;
status = "okay";